What Is Emergency Medical Training?

We are a training center for American Heart. Our instructors have years of experience in prehospital and in hospital care for patients. Along with teaching classes like CPR and ACLS, we also specialize in helping people become certified and trained EMR’s and EMT’s.

EMTI utilizes a blend of instruction and hands-on practice under the guidance of experienced instructors and evaluators. Classes are available to both EMS professionals, places of employment, and the general public at multiple training locations.

Benefits of EMTI

Emergency Medical Technicians maintain a critical skill set that can often be lifesaving to those involved in accidents and other emergencies. EMTI offers training courses designed to refresh less-used skills, introduce new techniques and methods, and align with national certification standards for each course.

The Crown College – EMTI program delivers emergency medical training with a focus on expertise and best practices. EMTI provides:

  • Certified instructors with professional experience in the field.
  • Easy, online registration for individuals or groups.
  • Convenient learning at our locations or yours.
  • High-quality training methods and materials.
  • Medical Director leadership and oversight.
  • Opportunities for advanced simulation training.

Courses Offered

Contact us for more information or to arrange courses at your location.

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